New investment horizons

In the search for new sources of return, investors are recognising the potential of frontier markets: regions where growing populations, vibrant entrepreneurialism and stabilising societies create a "sweet spot" for investing.

Africa and the Middle East are such regions, together forming the largest block of frontier market opportunities. Invest AD - the Abu Dhabi Investment Company - has been operating in these markets for over 30 years, acquiring the deep experience and wide networks necessary to access and identify real opportunity for our clients.

Owned by the Abu Dhabi Investment Council, Invest AD is an independently run asset manager, operating with a single goal: to provide excellent returns for investors who - increasingly - are looking to allocate assets to frontier opportunities.

Market Beat

  • July 6,2014   Regional markets are expected to trade sideways with most activity driven by portfolio rebalancing on the back of redemption flows.
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Tech Talk

  • July 20,2014   In this week's issue: Global equity markets at a critical juncture. Russian equities, rouble likely to face more downward pressure. European equities risk larger-scale correction unless STOXX 50 index clears resistance at 3,100 level
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Market Outlook

  • July 2014   Middle East market correction follows strong rally; Iraq weighs
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